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Privacy policy

Privacy policy description of Seasons HR Management Oy’s and its Qverk service platform’s customer register.
Qverk is a registered trademark of Seasons HR Management Oy.
Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10§ ja 24§
Register description
1. Register holder
Seasons HR Management Oy
business id: 2405172-6
Tiedepuisto 4 K
28600 PORI
+358 (0)207 346 610
2. Contact person in register related inquiries
Petro Vaitiniemi
+358 (0)207 346 610
3. Name of register
Seasons HR Management Oy’s job applicant register.
4. Purpose of register
Register contains information about job applicants that is necessary in creating and maintaining employment- and/or customer relationship between Seasons HR Management Oy (and its Qverk service platform) and job applicant.
Only that kind of personal information is collected in register during recruiting process that is necessary in defining job applicant’s aptitude for work position he/she is applying provided by Season HR Management or by its customer. Collecting personal data is done on the permission of job applicant.
5. Content of registered data
Job applicant’s basic information and the data and additional information he/she produces as eg. feedback, his/her interests, hobbies, is collected in the register.
Information collected about job applicant is:
• Basic information: first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, photograph
• Contact information: address, postal code and city, phone number, e-mail address
• Work related information: work permit and its expiration date and its possible hour limit
• Educational and work history: education, language skills, possible special skills,
driver’s license, possibility to use car,work history and possible referees
• Job applicants preferences: industry, location, work assignment, working hours,
availability information (part time, full-time), desired salary.
6. Sources of information
Information is collected only on the permission of job applicants. Sources of information can be registered person him-/herself or registered person’s customer related or appropriate use of service, communication and other acts related to the service.
Other acts related to the service include among other:
Application that applicant submits, application form, certificates and all the information applicant gives in an interview and during customer- or employment relationship.
7. Regular extraditions and transfer of information outside of the European union or European Economic Area
Information can be admitted from the register on applicants permission only to client organizations that are potential from the applicant’s point of view. Information can also be admitted only to a person responsible of recruiting in Seasons HR Management’s client organization. Persons in Seasons HR Management who are responsible of the maintenance of the register have access to register’s content only as much as it is necessary for their work assignments.
Customer information is admitted only to operators that work for the account of Seasons HR Management or Qverk without an agreement or another permission and it is implemented in according of Personal Data Act.
Personal information is not principally transferred or admitted outside European union or European Economic Area unless the job is particularly situated outside these areas.
8. Description of principals securing the register
Possible manual material is kept in a locked space, where entry is allowed only to restricted personnel. Access to digital material requires a personal username and password of staff member or affiliate with access rights to that data. Access rights are divided to different levels and every user is given sufficient access rights to complete their assignments.
Personal information saved in digital data base is gathered in common data bases that are secured by fire walls and by other appropriate technical measures. The data base’s server equipment is kept in a locked space where entry is allowed only for personnel assigned beforehand. Extreme caution is always excercized when storaging personal information: personal information is always handled with great care and kept available only for personnel with right to access it.
9. Right to audit personal data and correction of false information
Registered person has a right to go through all the information stored about him/her in Seasons HR Management’s data base. Inspection request is made in written to the register’s admin who is obliged to deliver requested data without any unnecessary delay. The user is able to update his/her information in limited extent.
Registered applicant has a right to demand correction of false, expired, imperfect or unnecessary information considering him/her unless he/she is able to make the correction on his/her own. Using right to audit is cost free once a year. Right to audit may be denied on legal basis.
On audit matters registered applicant shall take contact Season HR Management’s staff.
Season HR Management reserves a right to close a user account and dispose the user’s information from its data bases if the account has been unused for 12 months (no log ins). This also means that all personal information is deleted from the data base.
10. Cookies
A cookie is a small textfile that Seasons HR Management’s server saves in user’s hard drive. Cookies enable website admins to recognize users who frequently visit a website. Cookies also makes it easier for users to register in websites and enable to connect gathered data from users who visit a website. With the help of connected data we are able to enhance the user experience of our website and our service. Cookies do not harm users’ devices or files and user may disable cookies in browser settings or deleting cookies from browser after using the service.

Terms of Service

Terms of use are conditions (found below) that create the framework in which accordance the user is entitled to use Qverk’s websites and services. These terms constitute binding agreement between the user and Qverk or Qverk’s website or its admin Seasons HR Management. The user is seen to accept the terms once he/she has opened a Qverk’s website or service or once he/she has started to using them.
Qverk’s websites and services are meant for employees and empolyers who have work related needs. All websites that are under Qverk’s management partially or in other are defined as Qverk’s websites. Qverk’s services are defined as applications and services Qverk offers including webservice for publishing and finding work opportunities.
In Qverk’s websites users may create personalized profiles including private information. These profiles or parts of them are public and they can be seen by employers. For that reason the user must be over sixteen (16) years old.
Violation of these terms may lead to user’s temporary or permanent suspence as the company decides. Terms are legally binding as long as user uses Qverk’s websites. Some of the ragulations stay legally binding even after the use of Qverk’s websites has been finished by user. Also note that Qverk is able to refine these terms by publishing an updated version of them in this website at any time. It is recommended to revise the updated version of the terms of use on a regular basis.
Qverk’s content and intellectual property rights
In accordance of these terms Qverk allows access and right to use its websites and contents (as defined later) and permits to download and print content from Qverk’s websites only to private, non commercial, use.
Qverk reserves all rights of it’s services and websites. All content in Qverk’s websites, such as visual layout (graphics, photos, logos, videos, icons), texts, informatios, programs, audiofiles and other content is protected by trademark-, intellectual property- and other laws. Copying , changing, transferring, distribution, recording, public presentation and / or other publishing in any kind of purpose in other way that is defined in these terms is prohibited without permission of Seasons HR Management. All intellectual property rights of the wbsites and services belong to Seasons HR Management Oy.
Using Qverk’s services
Only persons seeking job or instructions to professional life and employers looking for employees are allowed to use announcements, CV data base and other services in Qverk’s website. Use of Qverk’s service also depends other possible agreements user has established with Qverk or Seasons HR Management Oy. In case these terms and possible special agreement are in conflict the terms agreed in the agreement stand.
User (both job applicant and employer) is responsible to keep his/her own account, profile and passwords secured. Password or other account information must never be given to another party permanently or temporarily. User is always responsible for all actions made in his/her account or with his/her password with or without his/her permission. User is committed to inform Qverk instantly about unauthorized usage of his/her account, profile or passwords. Note that system or network related violations of information security may lead to civil- or criminal liability.

All Qverk’s users agree to obey the following restrictions to use the website:

1) Do not act against Qverk’s information security protocol by for example mediating, distributing, publishing, storaging or destroying material, including content that belongs to Qverk.
2) Do not try to break or wound the information security of Qverk’s website. This includes planning, searching and testing of system or network vulnerability and breaking the ways to secure and identify users in the website. Do not try to model or deconstruct the website’s parts.
3) Do not use data mining, bots or other comparable measures to collect data.
4) Do not execute measures that may strain the website in a disproportional way. Do not try to disturb any service directed to users, functioning of main server or network by spamming, mass e-mails, flooding, viruses or other ways.
5) Do not act against law and do not use Qverk’s websites or services in any illegal purposes or publish or sent content, CVs or announcements that include misleading information or inappropriate material to publish. Defamation, aggressive, threatening, racist, discriminating or other inappropriate and disturbing behavior in the website is strictly prohibited. Encouraging to commit a crime, advertising, violating an individual’s privacy and actions in general that question the appropriate use of the website and service are also a violation against the terms of use.
Additional terms for employers
Employers are solely responsible for their announcements on Qverk’s websites. Qverk is not considered as an employer regarding the use of the site, and Qverk is not responsible for any decisions of employment, which any actor publishing job announcements on it’s site has made.
Qverk reserves the right to delete any job application from it’s site that are not consistent with the terms mentioned above, or if the content is not in the best interest of the company, from Qverk’s viewpoint.
If the user distorts facts to Qverk at any point using Qverk’s services or otherwise misinforms Qverk regarding the nature of it’s business, Qverk has grounds to terminate the right of use concerning the user who has broken the terms of use. The User understands and accepts that if they cancel their employer account or it is terminated, all user data in Qverk, including saved CVs, contacts are marked as deleted and may be deleted from Qverk’s database.
1.3 Job announcement terms:
The announcement may not contain:
a) Imprecise, misinforming or false information or content not related to the announcement, such as names of companies, universities or cities. Trademarks, logos and other similar content not related to the announcement can be seen as an expression of misleading information.
b) Illegal material or links to material, that contains offensive or disturbing material or is in other ways not suitable for publication.
c) Take into account, that as the user you own the material you upload to the service, and are responsible for it’s legality and validity, and have the rights to upload it.
The following is also forbidden in using job announcements and the network:
d) Publishing job announcements in behalf of modeling-, actor-, talent- or entertainment agencies
e) Publishing job announcements for network- or pyramid-type positions. Franchising, reselling, sales representative agency agreements, club memberships and multilevel marketing opportunities, which require front or periodic payment or requires recruiting new sub distributors, are such positions.
f) Publishing announcements for commission-only business opportunities. Separate, explicit mention that the open position only pays commission, and explicitly describes the product or service which the employee will be selling, are exeptions to this term.
g) Advertising or seeking employees for services or vacancies of sexual or intimate nature.
h) Services for using or asking to donate human body parts including reproducing without restrictions.
i) Advancing politics, political party or supporting it’s program or opinion.
j) Marketing religion or advancing distribution of religiously influenced information.
k) Marketing, advertising, selling or advancing consumption of any product or service
l) Searching or fishing for information from employees, that is related to their 1) physical or mental health 2) racial or ethnic background 3) political views 4) religious or world views 5) membership in a trade union 6) sex life 7) crimes committed or legal procedures or 8) age.
m) Publishing job announcements, which include any special screening requirement or principle that is not necessary or lawful.
n) Publishing job announcements in a way, which is not applicable to local and national laws. This applies to laws concerning employment and work, equal opportunities of employment and demands of employment eligibility, confidentiality, information access and usage and intellectual property.
o) Publishing job announcements of Qverk’s competitors or competitors’ advertisements. Content containing links to rival sites is also prohibited.
2.3 Use of Qverk’s CV database by employers
The Qverk CV database must be used according to these terms and conditions and any contract signed with Seasons HR Management Oy. In addition, the use of the Qverk CV database must not violate any applicable privacy and data protection laws. The user also agrees to not disclose any information acquired from Qverk’s CV database to a third party, unless the user is an authorized recruitment agency, staffing agency, or other agency/company that uses the CV explicitly for employment purposes.
The user’s responsibility is to carry out appropriate physical, technical and administrative measures to protect all information acquired from the Qverk CV database from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
The Qverk CV database must not be used for the following purposes:
1) Any other purpose than that of an employer looking for an employee. The prohibition applies to the use of the data for different purposes, such as advertising campaigns or the provision of products or services..
2) Unwanted contact, e.g. phone-calls or sending e-mails, newsletters or mail to the owners of the job seeker profiles, or to contact a person that has not given their consent (when consent is required, or without explicit consent when the person has indicated they do not want to be contacted).
3) The acquiring of candidates or contacting job seekers or the owners of the job seeker profiles in relation to the prohibited business opportunities listed in section 3.
When a user first registers on the Qverk website, they are requested to create a user account and to disclose to Qverk certain personal information, including a valid e-mail address. The profile requires the basic information fields to be filled according to the instructions provided. The profile must be truthful and describe the user him/herself, a single individual.
The user recognizes and accepts that they alone are responsible for the CV they create on the Qverk website and its contents, format and correctness.
Activities that are not allowed on the site:
a) Publishing a CV or looking for work on behalf of another person, including posing as another person or presenting other false information.
b) Forwarding a message sent by the employee to a third party, e.g. an agency, a representative or a friend.
c) Making several CV:s publicly available simultaneously.
d) Disclosing Qverk user account information to a third party.
e) Publishing a CV that advertises or sells products or services.
Qverk reserves the right to offer third-party services and products to the user based on their choices, which the user can define during registration or at any time thereafter, or that the user has consented to receive.
The user acknowledges and agrees that he/she has no ownership rights with regard to the user account; if the user cancels their Qverk account or the account is closed, all of the account’s information in Qverk – CVs, profiles, cover letters, saved jobs and inquiries – will be removed from the public Qverk website. In addition, job seeker third parties may save and keep their own copies of a user’s information.
Qverk reserves the right to delete an account and all the user information it contains if the account has been inactive for more than 12 months. In matters related to inspecting the information, please contact Seasons HR Management Oy’s clerical staff.
The user understands that all of the user content that the user enters to the Qverk website is the sole responsibility of the person that provided the user content. The term content refers to any information, text, music, sound, photographs, graphics, videos, messages or other materials that are sent to and published on the Qverk website. The user also declares that he/she has the rights to use the materials or the rights owner has fully relinquished all these rights, and given the user the right to grant the above license.
When a user publishes user content in public areas on the Qverk websites, he/she also allows other users to access the content, as well as gives permission to exhibit, view, and store it for job placement activities (in the role of a job seeker or employer). In accordance with the above-mentioned information, the owner of the content placed on the Qverk website retains all of their rights to the user content.
Qverk makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or reliability of user content, works derived from user content or any other user communications. The user acknowledges that any reliance on materials published by other people happens at one’s own risk.
Qverk can remove user content that violates these terms and conditions or the applicable laws, or is disruptive, offensive or harmful to the site’s users. Qverk may also, at its discretion, take action if user content damages its business, brand or is likely to cause other indirect losses.
In cases of disagreement, all contract-related disputes shall be settled primarily through negotiations. If the negotiations fail to reach an agreement, the disagreements shall be settled in a general court, according to Finnish laws.
By using the Qverk website with a mobile device the user accepts that information about them is sent through the mobile device. This information can be e.g. website use data, operator information, data about the user’s physical location etc.
By using the website with a mobile device the user declares that the user has the right to share the Qverk information they are handling with the mobile operator or other connection provider. The user agrees to be responsible for all charges and all necessary consents related to gaining entry to the Qverk website via the operator.
Qverk’s websites act as a platform where employers can post job opportunities and search for and view job-seekers, as well as a place where job seekers can post CVs and profiles and search and view vacancies. Qverk’s approach does not involve censorship or other forms of screening the messages, and we are not involved in transactions between employers and job seekers unless there is a separate agreement. Therefore we are not responsible for user content in any way, shape or form. Seasons HR Management Oy, its suppliers or third parties mentioned on the Qverk websites are not, in the extent allowed by the law, liable for any damages that result from using the Qverk websites or their content or the sites being unavailable.
Seasons HR Management Oy is not responsible for the inaccuracies, quality, accuracy or suitability for a particular use of any information on any Qverk-service portal/website. Thus, Seasons HR Management Oy is also not responsible for any damages caused by or related to website malfunctions, regardless of their nature (incidental, special, direct and/or indirect damages). We do not grant any guarantees regarding the accuracy, reliability or topicality of Qverk’s content, services, texts, software or links. Qverk makes no claims or warranties that its content could be viewed or accessed outside Finland within the framework of the law. When opening a Qverk website, the user is at their own risk and is responsible for compliance with the laws in force in the jurisdiction the user is in.
In addition, it is also important to note that dealing with strangers always involves risks, including the risk of fraud or risk of physical damage. The user is responsible for all risks associated with dealing with the people that they have come in contact with through the Qverk websites. Sometimes the information provided by other persons may in itself be harmful or inaccurate, and in some cases they may have been named misleadingly. We encourage Qverk’s users to always use caution and common sense when using our sites.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to Finnish law. Only Finnish competent courts have the jurisdiction in relation to all claims arising from this contract. If the court of competent jurisdiction finds that some provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, the invalidity of such provision will not affect the other provisions of these terms and conditions, which will remain in effect.
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